Why Boom Again Is the Perfect Site for Boomers Who Want to Have Some Fun

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Why Boom Again Is the Perfect Site for Boomers Who Want to Have Some Fun

The makers of Boom Again wanted to create a getaway for baby boomers who want to cool off with some brain game. The pop culture trivia was designed to help baby boomers relieve their younger years, and have some fun while at it. 

The maker of the game, Brian Hersch, is a boomer himself who understands how the minds of boomers work, so, you would expect to have relatable fun while keeping your brain healthy.

It gets everyone together

Best multi player party game

The boom again trivia is impressively easy to learn, so, even if you have friends that have never played, it would be easy to gather them around and show them how it’s done. And, there’s nothing better than having your friends around the table relieving old memories. 

You could turn the game into an exciting quiz by forming groups. Reports show that boomers who play in groups tend to show less sign of forgetfulness, dementia and other problems that old age brings. Therapists will recommend this game for all elderly homes.

Gives you the chance to rack your old brain

Playing Boom Again is proven to enhance mental alertness. The game is tailored to stimulate memory and intellectual performance. If you want to rack your brains and have fun while you’re on it. 

And, there’s a high possibility that those who play the game will perform better in memory tests than those who don’t. The game is especially recommended for the aged between 60-70 years old.

It’s a mood booster

Whether you’re playing alone or with a group of friends, you’re sure to have a swell time while you play this game. The game takes you down memory lane and you’re sure to remember a few memory lanes that would make you laugh. 

Laughter is medicine, especially for the elderly. Feel free to give your boomer friend or self a pack of Boom Again trivia. Consider this your contribution to their happiness.

It’s a perfect way to exercise

You can play Boom again sitting or standing. Most people sit in the beginning, but when the thrills of the game begin to get overly exciting, they stand without their knowledge. The locomotion during the game is a perfect means of exercise. It’s not too rigorous and not too gentle. This means that the Boom Again game helps to stimulate both the body and the mind of the players.

How Does the Game Work?

Every hour of the day is perfect for a game of Boom again. Get a team and split into groups, it’s more fun this way. You’ll need some wine for maximum enjoyment. There can be as many as 10 people on a team.

You would need a game board for the token. To begin the game, place a token on the game board’s centre. You can decide which team would go first through any means. Some people determine who goes first with a simple coin toss.

The leading team would pick any category; there are so many to choose from. The members of the opposing team would read a question from that category. If the team answers correctly, they would get to tug the token to the team’s side of the board.

If they lose, the opposing team tugs the token to their end. The first team to pull all the three tokens to their end will win the game.

The question section of the game is where all the fun lies. All the questions are tailored to target almost every aspect of your childhood. You’ve probably participated in the question at some point in your life, now; you just have to provide an answer.

We guarantee that you have never played anything as spectacular as a game of Boom again. The four available categories range from all the stuff you’ve learned, heard, seen in school, church, on the street, literally everywhere in your boomer life. All of these questions combined can amount to 2200 questions; so there’d hardly be a repetition.

The shout category is the most exciting category in the game. Here, there are multiple-answer questions, so everyone can participate and shout answers as much as they want.


The baby boomer generation should not be excluded from the fun era no matter what. Old age comes with several unavoidable cons such as dementia, forgetfulness and sometimes depression. 

What better way to help them through this phase than introduce them to a game that cures a considerable amount of these features?

Get Started on the Boom Again site today and begin your thrilling walk down memory lane.

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