How Boom Again can strengthen the bond between partners who are baby boomers

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How Boom Again can strengthen the bond between partners who are baby boomers

Boom again is a fun game for those born in the baby boomer era- the fifties, sixties and seventies. It is a time machine that takes the baby boomers back in time to their childhood and time of youth.

This game is played between friends and partners who were born in the baby boomer era. The Boom Again game has a lot of benefits to relationships and friendships, by leveraging on past memories, friends and partners are able to bond together.

But first, let’s take you through the process of playing Boom Again

How is Boom Again Played?

Boom Again is a board game that can be played between two or more persons. It is based on questions about the baby boomer era.

The game can be compared to a tug of war where a team tries to pull the other to its side.

However, in this case, each team tries to pull a token to its side.

  • Players are divided into teams, in the case of partners, a team will consist of only one person. The Boom Again game package consists of questions about the baby boomer period and tokens which are the prize in this game. The tokens are placed in the center section of the board 
  • The questions are divided into categories as follows: Things we heard, Things we saw, things we learned in school, Stuffs we learned on the street and shout. All these categories border on prominent events and happenings during the baby boomer era.
  • Each team selects a category, the other team then draws a question in that category. If answered correctly, the team with the correct answer draws the token closer to its side of the board.
  • As questions are answered correctly, the tokens are drawn closer. There is a back and forth of the tokens until a team pulls a token to its side completely. The token is taken by the team. 
  • The first team to get three tokens wins the game. Easy and fun, you don’t need anything special to play Boom Again. All you need is your knowledge of the baby boomer era.

Ways Boom Again can strengthen the bond between Partners who are Baby Boomers

There are lots of benefits to be gotten by partners who play Boom Again especially as it relates to strengthening the bond between them. These benefits include:

  • Opportunity to reminisce about the past

Boom Again is a wonderful way to reminisce about the past with your partner. Having to remember all the wonderful memories of the past years you have spent together, testing each other to see who remembers particular events.

You could even walk down the lane of the early years between you and your partner. When the relationship was just starting and the love was freshly kindled.

  • Spend quality time together

Boom Again also affords partners the opportunity to spend quality time together. The best way to strengthen any bond is to spend ample time together doing an activity.

What better way to achieve this than by playing Boom Again together. It also affords partners an opportunity to discuss and talk about salient issues as concerns them. 

  • Healthy Competition

The Boom Again game encourages healthy competition among partners. Unlike other games, the purpose of this game is to try to remember activities that were prevalent during the childhood and youth of a baby boomer. 

Thus, the game is a win-win for both partners in their quest to win. Boom Again is structured to allow both teams to win. Although, there is a clear winner at the end of the game.

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Both teams will have learnt about things they had earlier forgotten from time past. The purpose of Boom Again is to remind baby boomers of the good old days. 

This healthy competition is a relationship strengthener.


The Boom Again game is a wonderful way to reconnect and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. You are guaranteed an enjoyable time when playing this game with your partner.

It also affords you an opportunity to also bond with your partner over several issues. This is what Boom Again is all about. An opportunity to travel back in time to revisit old memories with your partner. Memories like this help strengthen relationships. You might even get an idea to play out those memories again

Get your Boom Again game today, it might be the spark your relationship needs to boom again.

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