Fond Memories of The Baby Boom Generation

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Fond Memories of The Baby Boom Generation

The boomers have witnessed the most incredible global changes. Unfortunately, these changes affected (and even eradicated) the fun era for almost all of them. In this article, we’ve compiled ten fond memories to walk all baby boomers down memory lane to the good old days.

Here are some fond memories only a boomer would remember:

Drive in movies

Back in the day, cinemas were way different from what we have today. Then, most cinemas had a projector set up in a large space and spectators would gather in their cars to watch movies. Every baby boomer remembers watching their favorite TV show this way.

Rotary phones

Kids these days are lucky to have mobile phones. Rotary phones were invented back in 1904 and all boomer kids would remember how long it took to dial numbers with these phones. 

Back then, you had to prepare to make a phone call. It didn’t even help that all phone numbers were recorded in a phone book, so you’d have to first search for these numbers before beginning the calling process. So,if you got a phone call from a friend back then, you would be happy that you were considered worth the effort.

Jelly on everything

baby boom period

For some weird reason, everyone was putting jelly on everything. There were jelly covered foods everywhere. Fruits, veggies, meat; literally everything. Thankfully, kids these days do have to put up with that. We all know they would constantly puke.

The Loving v Virginia case

The Loving Vs Virginia case in 1967 was definitely the highlight of every boomers era. Kids these days may not know this, but there was a time when interacial marriages were illegal. This was the case that put an end to this law that many people considered absurd. Boomers would remember how this case caused an upsurge all over the world.

Listening to the family transistor radio

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Back in the day, transistor radios were like the TVs; every home had one. These radios were always present every evening during dinner, every morning before everyone goes out. There were no cell phones back then to distract anyone during mealtimes, so everyone’s attention would be focused on the meal and the news.

The ‘World Wide of Sports

Fond Memories of The Baby Boom Generation

Every single episode of the World wide of sports was as thrilling as the last. This show was the most sensational TV show for all baby boomers. Baby boomers looked forward to watching athletes perform incredible stunts and collecting fancy awards on every episode of the show.

The Howdy doody doll show

The Howdy doody doll show was an epic family comedy show back in the day. You would know you were a favorite child when you were among the first to be gifted a howdy doody doll by your parents. 

These dolls are still around till today, but the kids these days find them scary, and a majority of them are more enthused with video games and have no time for games. Baby boomers often wonder if these kids even know what ‘fun’ is.


Every baby boomer knows that the Beatles were the best band to walk the earth. Beatlemania was the name used to describe the incredible female-led fan-base that this boy band had at the time. Back then, if you weren’t part of the Beatlemania movement, you weren’t qualified to be a cool kid.

Electronic calculators

Baby boomers would definitely remember the frenzy that surrounded the invention of the electronic calculator. It saved everyone from the tedious hassles of manual multiplication, addition and subtraction. It didn’t mean the process itself was smooth, but at least, it was better than the manual option.

Fantasizing about Paul Newman

The late Paul Newman was a fantasy for both male and female baby boomers. All the females had a crush on him, all the males wanted to be like him. The man was an all-round cool guy, I mean, what’s not to love about a gorgeous man who drove race cars?

Two mails in one day

Kids these days would never know the thrills of getting visited by the mail man two times in one day. This trend however, was ended by the USPS in 1950. Bummer.

Sit-in protests

Baby boomers had their protests a bit differently than how we do it these days. They had what was called sit-in protests. There were no marches, no aggressive displays, just a mass number of people converging at a location with placards. 

This doesn’t mean there was no fun, far from it. it was easy to mistake a protest for a convention at the time. Back then, almost everyone wanted some protest to begin so they’d have a mini-convention.

Billboards with tobacco ads

Baby boomers would definitely remember the line –‘It’s toasted’ from the popular mid ‘90s billboards commercial. Fortunately, (and unfortunately) we haven’t seen any of these ads in the past decades because all tobacco and cigarette campaigns have been banned.

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