5 Benefits of playing Boom Again with friends

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5 Benefits of playing Boom Again with friends

While baby boomers remained at home during the period of the covid-19 pandemic, Brian Hersch, the creator of games such as Super Scattergories, Outburst, and Taboo thought of an entertaining idea to keep boomers thrilled as they cocoon at home.

The creation of the board game Boom Again was targeted at several millions of Baby Boomers. Those whom Brian Hersch felt have a nostalgic feeling about the 50s, 60s, and 70s. This board game features more than 2000 questions which are all drawn from jingles, slogans from advertisements, movies, TV shows, and so on.

What is Boom Again?

Boom Again is a board game that is designed to be played by two individuals or teams. This game is meant to take its players on a nostalgic journey into events like social movements and fashion trends from the 50s, through to the 70s.

A board game such as Boom Again speaks about what Baby Boomers have in common; the experiences that make up a defining stage of their lives. Because of the mutual experiences that players share, this pop-culture game has its benefits.

Benefits of playing Boom Again

Below are the top 5 benefits of playing the Boom Again with your friends. This list cuts across mental and physical benefits that players gain, so you have a reason to always play with your friends.

  1. It improves mood

There’s hardly a better way to improve the mood of Boomers than to play a game that they enjoy with their friends. Boom Again brings thrilling moments to Baby Boomers by making them laugh while attempting to answer questions from “the good old days”.

A game that makes you laugh with your friends reduces anxiety, depression, and stress. Boom Again gives you a mood boost each time you play with the people that share the same memories with you.

     2.Boom Again strengthens the bond you share with friends

If there’s anything that means more to Baby Boomers, it will be to find someone that shares the same memories with them. Boom Again improves every personal connection that you share with people. It also helps you to establish new bonds on different levels.

This game allows you to team up with a group of friends to answer some of the random pop-culture questions from the 50s through to the 70s. There is no limit to the bond you can share with people when you play Boom Again with your friends.

     3. Helps to retain mental alertness

When you frequently play Boom Again with your friends, you are stimulating certain areas of your brain that are connected to your memory. According to a study that was released in the Gerontology Journals, it has been discovered that Baby Boomers who play Boom Again with their friends performed well in memory tests, especially in their 70s.

In addition to improving one’s mental capacity, a board game such as Boom Again has the potential to reduce the risk of suffering from dementia by a noticeable factor. A French study shows that interesting board games can cause a 15-percent decrease in dementia in players compared to non-players.

     4.It makes life boom again

Players can experience more fun by playing this game. A feeling of nostalgia that makes life boom again before their eyes. Endorphin—hormones that induce happiness are released when playing Boom Again with your friends.

     5.Reduces chances of high blood pressure

 One of the vital health benefits of playing Boom Again with your friends is that it reduces the risk of high blood pressure by substituting it for cheerfulness. Every trivia question in this game was designed to bring players laughter and fun. Hilarity takes over as each individual or team attempts to answer a question by remembering the lyrics to a song from their childhood years.

The Osaka University research team has been able to correlate the healthy effect of laughter to the reduction of blood pressure. When players laugh, the muscles are relaxed, allowing blood to flow with ease. This will reduce the pressure on the heart also.


For a long time, Baby Boomers have been starved of a board game that speaks to their age bracket. Boom Again is that entertaining game that brings everyone together in a cheerful atmosphere. If you’re out hanging out with friends, Boom Again is the game to revive exciting memories.

Moreover, the good news is that it is not too late to benefit from this pop-culture game. Those who have been playing this board game will still reap its bountiful benefits.

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