Beginners Guide to Playing Boom Again

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Beginners Guide to Playing Boom Again

Who says only the young generation can have fun through playing games? Well certainly not by playing boom again.

Boom again is a game designed for the baby boomer generation, that is those born between 1946 to 1964. These were the years when births skyrocketed and boomed hence the name baby boomer.

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This game is specifically based on the period of birth of the baby boomers. As such, the idea behind this game is to bring back the past memories while equally having fun.

How to Play Boom Again

Boom Again is a fun game that can be played between partners or between large groups. This game can also be played via Zoom. So everyone does not have to be physically present to play this game.

It is best played when there are several persons, however, two persons can also play this game.

  • Once you get your Boom Again game, crank it open and it’s time to play. Form yourselves into two teams. Sidetip- you might want to enlist someone with great memories of the baby boom era on your team.
  • Next is to take out the tokens and place them on each center section of the game board. Here, the game is about to kick-start. You then pick a category of your choice, someone from the opposing team reads you a question from the 2,244 questions about the baby boomer era.
  • Get the question right, then you are entitled to pull the token in that category closer to your team’s side of the board. 
  • Next is the opposing team’s turn, if they pick the same category and also get the question right, then they also pull back the token to their own side. There is a back and forth until the token is completely pulled to a team’s side.

It is like a tug-of-war trying to pull the opposing team to your team’s side except in this instance, you are trying to pull a token over to your side.

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The first team to get three tokens is declared the winner of the game. 

What You Will Find inside the Boom Again Box

The Boom Again game package consists of: 

  • two card boxes filled with 2,244 questions about the baby boom era, 
  • boomer tokens which includes: metal skate key, “students for Kennedy” button, 45-RPM record insert, Vietnam Era dog tag, working roach clip and a milk bottle cap.

All these are well packed into a well crafted cigar box. All is just to bring back the good old memories and take you back to the beautiful era. 

Categories of Questions You Will Find in Boom Again

There are six categories in the Boom Again game. These categories are: Things we HEARD, Things we SAW, Stuffs we learned on the STREET, Things we learned in SCHOOL, In the News and Shout.

Each of these categories encapsulates most of what happened in the baby boom era. 

  • Things we heard consists of music, jingles, famous speeches, lyrics, catchphrases etc that were popular in the baby boom era. 
  • Things we saw had to do with movies, sporting events, commercials, TV shows, magazines etc which characterized the era. I’m sure you can still remember the popular movies that dominated those days. 
  • Stuff we learned on the street includes fashion, gossip, cars, innovations, social changes, drug culture etc. Basically the trendy and in vogue things on the street in that era. If you were pretty outgoing then, this might be your favorite category. 
  • Things we learned in school had to do with the 3 R’s (reading, writing and arithmetic), after school clubs, dances, games and everything that made school fun or hard in those days.
  • In the News has questions to do with the current happenings in those days, that is the war, murder, politics, world events, history of that era. The bookworms should excel in this category.
  • Shout is a multifaceted category. It consists of questions that have multiple answers. Choose your favorite category and attempt to answer the question.

Final Words

Boom Again is the game of the baby boomer era. It literally takes you back in time to the beginning of your life when you were growing up.

It brings back those sweet memories you experienced back then. And what’s more, you don’t get to experience this alone. You get to experience it with your family and loved ones. You all even get to reminisce about the good old days together and remember the funny memories.

Get your Boom Again game today and replay the memories of old.

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