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Boomer Trivia

Baby boomers represent about 80 million people born between 1945 and 1965. They refer to those mostly born after the Second World War

These baby boomers redefined cultural and traditional norms. Many Western countries are known to be very wealthy, more active, and have a plethora of retirement programs. However, with the recession in 2008, many have started retiring, however, they have the longest life span of any generation.

This detailed guide will deal with how to identify baby boomer trivia, boomer trivia game, features, and other necessary information about them.

Boomer Trivia

About the baby boom period

The baby boom period differs across countries, however, they all agree that it is a time after the Second World War. Moreover, most of the parents of these baby boomers come from a taciturn generation and are one of the best generations

They are known as parents of Gen xers and the Millennials. Also, they are people termed generation Jones because of their various life experiences between the 50s and the 60s.

baby boom period

By the year 2022, the youngest baby boomer will be 58 and the eldest will be 76 years. The American presidents of about 12 years ago like George Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump can all be referred to as baby boomers.

What is known as the Baby Boom period?

The baby boom period in the US witness a huge rate of births due to the unfortunate war in 1945. In 1946, more than 3.5 million people were born in the United States alone.

This high birth rate increased till late 1964. During these years about three to four million people were recorded in the USA. The United States baby boom population was about 73.5 million in the year and it peaked at about 79.6 in 1999 which includes immigrants.

This was known as the biggest generation before the Millennials and Gen x overtook it.

Factors that affected the baby boom

There are several causes of the baby boomer in 1964 in the USA, they include :

1. Soldiers’ zeal after the war

Factors that affected the baby boom

Many of the soldiers that partook in the WW 2 came out intending to start new families. These soldiers wanted new dawn and to raise children after a long-fought war. Many of these soldiers hold off on marriage till after the war, so after the war, they wanted a new family.

2. The economic position of the USA

After the war, the United States was in an excellent economic position which encouraged many to raise children. Also, the United States Give ember encouraged many citizens to start new families to make the country plentiful.

3. The waning of the great depression

In the 1940s, there was the great depression because of the effects of the war. However, at the end of 1945, the depression was reducing and many people are hopeful for a brighter future.

4. Popular culture

The culture that was trendy during that time glorified marriage, pregnancy, and raising children. Also, the USA passed the G. Bill of rights which allowed many people educational and economic opportunities to have a better life.

The Amusement Park and beach witnessed many shows by Johnny cash, James dean and Jimi hendrix during these periods.

5. Better child health care

After the war, most healthcare systems in the country were in good condition which guarantees better maternity care. Also, during the period more women wanted to marry and the average age of ladies willing to get married was 21.

4. Better standard of living

Better standard of living

After the way, there was great urbanization and the cost of living in living was very affordable. These encouraged much survival to start families quickly.

5. Flexible credit systems

The US ministry of finance made credit facilities more accessible and people were able to borrow money easily. This made it easy for struggling people to support their families without problems.

How to identify baby boomers?

While it might be complicated to identify all of them, most of these baby boomer have some distinct features which include:

1. Hardworking and diligent

Most people from this generation are very industrious and work very hard. Most of them were given birth to know what the American dream is. This is a generation that witnessed the civil rights movement and ladies’ empowerment. The baby boomer is a very focused on its task and are known to be voracious goal-getters.

2. Highly competitive

Due to being born after war times and a time of high birth rates, the baby boomer love competing for everything. Be it in school, in society, or at their respective work. During the early years of their generation, schools were filled up while colleges saw small students.

Boomer Trivia

Because of this, these people grew up fighting to be the best wherever they are. They won’t settle for less and always wish to be the best in all situations.

3. Value relationships

Baby boomers started their lives among communities and have very large families. Because of this, values, culture, and bonds among this generation were huge.

These people have very strong relationships which have been strengthened over time. The labor laws created during their time help them to be more respectful and to have an independent mindset.

These people are usually very resourceful and can adapt to various situations.

4. Seek excellence and quality

Baby boomers aren’t known to like inferior things or substandard people. Because they have lived through a period of change, they always seek the best services and products. They are also ready to pay any amount for what they perceive to be the best value they can get.

Top Events during the life of a baby boomer

Some major events have happened during the lifetime of this boomer, include :

1. The Vietnam War

Most of the first baby boomers participated in the iconic Vietnam War from 1955-1975. The late ones experienced many atrocities during this war. Also, some of this generation were known to participate in a revolt against the Vietnam war.

2. Civil rights Movement

Another major event in which you will find these people were the popular civil rights movement from 1954 to 1958. This movement was when African Americans and other allies wanted to end the alleged institutionalized racial problems, segregation, and economic disenfranchisement.

Moreover, this is a generation that has many activists such as Martin Luther King Jr, Ella Baker, Muhammed Ali, and Malcolm X. These people encouraged and supported the eradication of the vices that pitted the black community against other Americans.

3. Cold War

Baby boomers were around during the feisty Cold War between the soviet Union and the USA. This was a very tense time that lasted over a decade.

4. Technology advancement

During the time of these baby boomers, there were many improvements in technology in the west. These people were born during the monochrome TV era

Now we have advanced tech and improved IT systems. Top men such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were known for developing software and computers.

5. Space exploration

Humans wanted to know more about their immediate environment and started seeking answers about the outer world. Sputnik a Russian ship was launched into space in 1957 by the Soviet Union to show they are better than the USA.

This led to an emphasis on Western education about maths and science. The USA also launched into orbit Apollo 11 which was the first set to land on the mi in July 1969.

Other popular events

During the time of the baby boomers, some notable events were the assassination of J. F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi. Also, there was the Cuban crisis and the Watergate scandal amongst other problems.

Baby boomer trivia quiz

A baby boomer trivia quiz is related to the pop culture of these baby boomers. This boomer trivia will show how well you know about these people :

What was the most popular music event in the 1960s?

Answer: Woodstock

This festival was held in New York around 1969. It was a three-day event that had in attendance more than 500,000 people

Many top artists of that time who attended included Jim Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and the Grateful dead. This event was televised in almost 20 states and 20 states in the USA because of the ratings from audience insights.

What are the artists that Sang”There boots are made for Walking?

Answer: Nancy Sinatra

This is a popular musician who was the child of Pat Packer and Frank Sinatra. This singer came up with this hit and it was number one in 1966. This was a very beautiful ode that trended around North America during this period. She and buddy holly were popular artist during that time.

What’s the trendy female cloth which was created by Allen Gant in 1959?

Answer: Pantyhose

Women everywhere in North America love this popular female clothing item. This was a great piece made for people with a baby belly. Pantyhose was popular during this time and also miniskirts were trendy.

What’s the firm known for their Salisbury steak TV dinners?

Answer: Swanson

Swanson food company is known to launch its great TV dinner show which attracted lots of audiences. Although there are some debates if they are the first or not, however, they are the most trendy during that period.

What do we call the rise of the Beatles in America?

Answer: Beatlemania

During those years, there are many Beatlemaniac people grooved. The fab four were the best American music band around the 1960s. During the tour of the beetles, many beatles fans mobbed them and the security agencies sometimes had to hold them back. During the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, their show was heavily televised.

What’s Elvis’s favorite sandwich?

Answer: Fried peanut bites from a banana sandwich

Elvis Presley was the kind of rock during the time of baby boomers. They had some unique meals the peanut butter and sandwich was the favorite.

Who was the first James Bond?

Answer: Sean Connery

the James Bond movie was a big hit during he 60s. Sean Connery was arguable the first( some say the best) James bond actor. He was agent 007 starting from 1963. He was a fine and dashing man who was a ladies’ man.

Which firm did George Jetson work for?

Answer :Spacely Sprocket

In the 1960s, there was a popular animated show known as the Jetsons, where George Jetsons was the main actor. The firm he worked for was in Orbit City, called sprockets.

Facts you don’t know about baby boomers

Here are some important facts you don’t know about people from this generation :

They love social media

There is a myth that oldies from the 50s and 60s aren’t online and don’t love watching movies. However, based on Google research, these bloomers account for more than 70% of people online in 2021. They are heavy social media users and spend many times researching and networking online every day.

Most are retired

If not all, many of the people in this generation are retired or close to retirement. The oldest will be 76, while the youngest will be 68. Many joined social clubs such as mickey mouse club and rotary. So depending on the country they reside in, they should have retired or will be in the next two years.

There are many foreign baby books boomers

Based on 1965 research by the USA census Council, boomers in the USA born in other countries are increasing. As of today, there are more than 12 million foreign-born people of the generation who call the USA home.

A true baby boomer isn’t wasteful

Unlike Gen z and Millennials, this is a very thrift generation. These people don’t believe in wasting money anyhow and are very economical.

More than 82% of these people don’t buy new products except they are completely spoilt.

Susceptible to Hepatitis C

Unlike other generations, those boomers according to the USA center for control and prevention are prone to hepatitis. Since this disease takes time to rear its ugly head, these boomers are advised to take an early blood test.

Very educated

In the USA, this generation is ranked the best-educated people around. At 70.2%, they have more college degrees than any other generation. When compared with the other 15 states in the USA, they come too with more high school degrees, college degrees, and post-graduate certificates.

They support their adult children

Research by the USA national endowment for financial education found that 60% of these people still support their adult kids. People in this generation are wealthy and have far more resources to cater to their struggling children.


Baby boomers are a unique generation in the USA and the world in general. Various events occur during their period and they have some distinct features you can identify them. People of this generation are excellent, nice, and very industrious.

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