Best Type of Yugioh Deck

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Best Type of Yugioh Deck

Yu gi oh is a card game that has stood the test of time and still standing strong. It has seen the evolution of several cards and decks.

Decks are the most important features of yugioh, to play, you must have three decks which are: the main deck, side deck and extra deck. The main deck usually has the most cards, sixty cards, the extra deck has about fifteen, the same as the side deck.

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For over twenty years now, one of the top questions asked by yu gi oh players is, what is the best type of yu gi oh Deck?

Who doesn’t want the best Deck so as to be triumphant in this game. Come along then as we go through the best decks in yu gi oh.

What are the different types of Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh?

There are four types of Yugioh deck, they are

  • Exodia OTK.
  • Spell Counter Deck.
  • Cyber Dragon OTK.
  • Magical Scientist Deck

Best Type of Yu gi oh Deck

For beginners of yugioh, starter decks is the designated deck, with a starter deck, beginners can learn the craft of the game. The professionals and experienced on the other hand make use of structure decks.

You need the best decks for you to come out tops, here are six of the best yugioh decks

  • Spyral

    One of the popular decks in yugioh, spyral is a summoning deck used to summon SPYRAL Super Agent. It can also summon special monsters like SPYRAL Tough and SPYRAL Double Helix.

    This Deck not only summons but it also buffs up SPYRAL Super Agent, Spyral Tough and Spyral double Helix also benefits from these effects making them powerful monsters too.

    Spyral is a fan favourite because of the power it gives a holder of the Deck. With spyral, you can guess the top card your opponent holds. Guess correctly and you get a free special summon monsters that allow you to save your normal summon for rainy days.

  • Sacred Beasts

    One of the top decks in yu gi oh is Sacred Beasts. This Deck is so powerful that you need not pair it with another deck for you to come out top against your opponent. It allows you to dominate your opponents.

    Consisting of forty-eight cards, Sacred Beast combines Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder, and Uria, Lord of Searing Flames, and Raviel, Lord of Phantasms all into one Deck as opposed to each of these Beasts being in separate decks.

    This Deck also allows for easy summoning, through the aid of the support cards, you can summon the monsters easily. You also have the ability to control multiple Beasts at the same time with this Deck. This gives you the upper hand over your opponents.

    Another advantage this Deck offers is that it is beginner friendly, thus, both a newbie and an oldie can get the best out of this Deck. All these incredible features make sacred Beasts arguably the best yu gu oh Deck.

  • PePe

    Performapal Performage for full, PePe features several pendulum monsters. With this Deck type, you can draw cards such as Performapal Monkeyboar and Performapal Skullcrobat Joker.

    Pepe gives you the ability of xyz monsters when utilizing level four monsters. This card has been widely acclaimed by yo gi oh players to be the best Pendulum Deck ever. This a valid claim if you consider the perks contained in this Deck.

    Some of the cards even had to be banned so as to keep the game competitive. This attests to the level at which this Deck is. The key cards in this Deck are Performapal Monkeyboard, Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, Performage Plushfire.


  • Soulburner Decks

    Unlike several decks with weak cards, soulburner decks feature cards with powerful effects. This Deck is sure to make you a top competitor.

    As its name implies, destroy your opponents with fire when using this deck. Alongside this incredible fire feature is a salamangreat archetype which can reincarnate. You can make two copies of the boss monster, with the second copy even more powerful than the first.

    The deck has forty one cards consisting of one ultra-rare, four super-rare, five normal parallel rare, and 31 common cards.

    These cards combined make soulburner decks a very powerful deck. As a main deck, soukburner is sure to impress you with the power it posses.

  • Dragon Rulers

    One of the greatest decks you can have if you are playing yu gi oh. Many consider it to be the best archetype of yu gi oh, this is due to the cool features dragon rulers offer you.

    Well, we all know the power dragons offer in any battle, same is applicable here. This Deck features baby dragons who can link summon the adult dragons to the battle.

    These Adult dragons are on level seven and they enter battle as xyz monsters, thus giving you the needed power to come out tops.

    The Key cards in dragon Rulers are Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Super Rejuvenation, Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls. Only spellbooks could stand a chance against these card effects due to the booster packs they offer.

  • Zoodiac

    Zoodiac cards is also one of the most powerful decks in yu gi oh, and in yu gi oh, your power most likely determines the outcome of your battle.

    With powerful key cards such as Zoodiac Whiptail, Zoodiac Drident, Zoodiac Barrage in the game, it is almost a cheat code when playing against a zoodiac holder.

    Using the xyz summon makes the summoning process easier, you can skip a step in the summoning process thus making it more faster to call up monsters to battle.

    The drident card is effective in getting rid of any card on the opponent’s field of play, this is a powerful tool of play in yu gi oh. The Barrage on the other hand gives you special summon powers to summon a Zoodiac monster for good support.

What’s the strongest deck in Yu-Gi-Oh

Sacred Beasts come out tops in this category, with the number of monsters it packs, no other deck stands a chance.

What is the coolest deck in Yu-Gi-Oh

The soulburner decks is arguably the coolest deck in Yu-Gi-Oh. This is due to the features a holder of this Deck stands to gain. Fire is your weapon and you have the ability to wield it.


A powerful deck is a great weapon needed to play yugioh, to outsmart your opponent, you need decks with high level monsters.

Most decks in yugioh have different perks, however, we have outlined the best decks that pack the best powers and effects needed to deplete the life points of your opponent.

With several spell cards, summoning powerful monsters becomes easier with these decks.

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